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BKBIET International Relations Division

The BIRD (BKBIET International Relations Division) was successfully inaugurated by Chief Guest Mr. Phillipe Cadene and Mr. Ashok K. Charoth on 14th May, 2011.

The objective of the BIRD is to encourage the students of the institute to embrace the global education. The division motivates the students to go on internships, look in to avenues of research and management after the completion of the bachelor’s degree, serve as a pool of information to all those who find themselves interested in doing their higher studies abroad. The forum derives its strength from the director of the institute Dr. P.S. Bhatnagar,the mentor Mr. Shridhar B. Dandin, the core committee and motivated student members.

Majority of the students who took internships went to various universities of France. Most Prominently: University of Nantes, University d’Haute Alsace, and IUT Angouleme. The measure of cooperation is exhibited by the fact that an unprecedented Joint Masters Programme is being setup between Polytech Nantes and BKBIET Pilani. And the sudents are highly motivated to take up higher education abroad in a scene where our peers in other institutes are trying to settle in for a job. The students are already taken off their flights of success with various scholarships under their belt. Counselling, Visas, Scholarships and other helps have always been available for the students of BKBIET through BIRD.