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Student Chapters



Students Speak

Mahima Pathak
B.Tech (IT) – Batch 2011

“In my opinion this testimonial gives me an immense opportunity to accept that I spent my college life in great luxury and triumph. I don’t think the college or the teachers may be really proud of me. One day someone asked me “Are you a day-dreamer??” to that I now reply, “NO!! Because dreamers are those who have given up everything and are now enjoying a dreamy sleep. I haven’t given up yet!!”. Many times I was told ‘you are never going to do anything and going to spend your life in the same uselessness!!’

Then the turning point had come, I was in this ‘KINGDOM OF DREAMS’, the newly established BK Birla Institute of Engineering & Technology. I always knew I wasn’t born with a silver spoon and my uselessness is not going to get me work !! But day #1 @ BKBIET, August 30, 2007 gave a sudden boost to my uselessness, inertness, my day dreams etc…

BKBIET has not only helped me in developing the perfect instinct but also has helped in making myself more presentable. I was never a diamond with brilliance, but yes these 4 years gave me some brilliant cuts. I thank all those cuts for helping me in building a stronger and a much positive attitude towards life. All the atrocity and randomness during college festivals, gave me sudden adrenalin like effect. I was never so talented, but as I look back and see, I think, I have a lot to mention in my cards and it is enough to say that I was presented with ample opportunities and their usage was entirely in my control.

Today when I meet someone who again questions my uselessness, I simply reply “I enjoy my inertness.” and being in BKBIET would always be my favorite creative uselessness as I enjoyed every moment of it !”

Harsh Modi
B.Tech (ECE) – Batch 2011

“Life at B.K.B.I.E.T transformed completely transformed the view point towards life. It not only helped in gaining technical knowledge but also inspired and motivated for all around development ranging from sports to cultural. The presence in the premier institute inculcated a sense of leadership,self-independence,resposibility. The quality of education inspired to develop a mindset of reasoning leading to a sense of questioning to know the proof behind existence of things. The facilities at the institute never made us feel the absence of homelike facilities rather inspired to work hard and farewell.

Now in the end, I would just say that I am the ‘Beneficiary of deeds of a Philanthropist’ – Shri BK BIRLA JI”

Itee Yadav
B.Tech (CSE) – Batch 2011

“Life at B.K B.I.E.T is the most treasured part of my life. These 4 years have indeed taught me a lot. The college life has taught me to be independent and given me the strength to sustain in real world, where you know you are the one responsible for every action you do and every decision you make.

Often the things did not turn out ethically correct whether it was from student’s side or administration or faculty, but this experience has also taught me how to deal with things without losing your self respect and ethics. I have got my best of friends in this college. I loved my college. Today I only hold the pleasant memories of B.K B.I.E.T in my heart.”

Chetan Joshi
B.Tech (ECE) – Batch 2011

“BKBIET is an ideal platform for a young student interested in Engineering. It has served for me as an excellent platform. With the efforts for delicate balance that the institute wishes to attain between being flamboyant and sticking to the traditional values, coupled with its quiet setting Pilani, it served me an excellent environment to study Electronics and Communication.

The international collaboration, which may be considered as one of the best across the country, and the Campus placements are also something that remains open to all those who wish to benefit from it. I would recommend this institute to any young student looking for a right place to do his engineering.”

Vikram Nunia
B.Tech (CSE) – Batch 2011

“I spent three years in BKBIET. One thing I liked the most is the environment of BKBIET. I learned lot of things which will help me in my personal as well as professional life. I also had a golden chance for International Internship at Bangkok.

At last I will just say Wherever I will be tomorrow but BKBIET will remain always with me in my heart and I loved BKBIET very much and I will…”