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Ordinado’17, organised by B.K. Birla Institute of Engineering and Technology has started on 13th Feb 2017. The TechFest is an annual event and will go on for four days, till 16th Feburary.
The fest includes various events ranging from Initiatives, “Ideate your App!”, Competitions, Workshops, Seminar, Inspiring Talks, Maximus. The “Ideate your App!” event series includes organization and students coming together to think about new ideas.
The major topics under discussion this year include IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data and Data Science, and. The event also includes various competitions ranging from Code Hunt, I Am Geek!, Visualize the Story, Coding Challenge by Other competitions are non-technical and In-formals which will make the participant live.

This TechFest is held with the aim to promote innovation, scientific thinking and technology and making clear students “How OpenSource make everyone’s life easy”.

Invited Speakers

Rahul Kapoor and Siddharth Potlia will be speakers invited to the Fest to give their view on entrepreneurship and will tell the student how they should rip their mind and make them up for Start-Ups