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Rajasthan, the sandy state of India is well known for its brave people, vibrant art, culture and business houses. Pilani, a small town of this state is famous for providing quality education. Pilani is the homeland of leading education institutions of the country nurtured by the house of Birlas. Birlas have not only contributed to the field of development of business in the country but have also done a lot of work for the welfare of the society. Due to their sustained efforts & commitment, Pilani is fast emerging as a centre of educational pursuits on the world map.

Pilani – The Education Centre

Opportunity for education was initiated in Pilani more than 100 years ago when a small Pathshala was established by Raja Baldevdas Ji Birla. While he was developing his business empire, Padmashri G.D. Birla never forgot his social commitment to his homeland and developed this small Pathshala in Pilani, into a Secondary School, then to a Degree college, and subsequently to a University. Today there are three residential schools, many aided schools, Polytechnic College, degree colleges and ITI in Pilani.

This tradition and commitment was carried on after Shri G.D. Birla, by his son Syt. B. K. Birla who opened an ITI and a Polytechnic Institute in the name of G.D. Memorial Polytechnic (BTTI). Both these institutions are today rated as the best technical institutions in Rajasthan. Seats are always full in Pilani, while they remain vacant in other similar institutions of the State.

Apart from these Institutions, Pilani has a premier CSIR Laboratory namely “Central Electronics and Engineering Research Institute (CSIR-CEERI) where more than 500 Scientists are engaged in R&D in the field of Electronics. The first Science Museum of the country was also established in Pilani. This museum is rated as one of the best in Asia. This museum provides help to the students in supplementing their classroom education in a more meaningful and interesting manner.

A temple in white marble in the campus dedicated to goddess Saraswati, the goddess of learning, is unique not only in its architecture and workmanship but also in the sculptural themes depicted in the temple. For healthcare, Pilani has a fully equipped hospital by name ‘Birla Sarvajanik Hospital, a specialty Eye Hospital and many private nursing homes/hospitals to provide healthcare. Market complexes, Banks, Post offices and residential complexes cater to the needs of the residents of Pilani.