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Success story of a “n+i” BKBIETIAN graduated from ENSISA

Mr Umesh Kumar Electrical and Electronics Engineering graduate from BKBIET-Pilani with Roll Number 10EBKEX058 descent came in France in 2014 with Network “n+i”.

He completed a six-month internship at Hager Group in Obernai as part of his master’s degree in Automation & Systems and his training at ENSISA.

This gave him the opportunity to acquire practical experience at a company, while the Hager Group in turn benefited from Mr Kumar’s extensive technical knowledge and his expertise in the field of electromagnetism.

After completing his internship, Umesh Kumar was offered a permanent position as an engineer in the Research and Development department.

Since September 2016, he has been supporting the department with the development of electrotechnical sub-assemblies and the validation of finished products.

More information on the web site Hager Group